Our solution is based on cognitive technology to provide comprehensive search, visibility and insights across the entire supply chain. We can help you get ahead of disruptions, optimize inventory levels, get better insights from the data for more informed decisions and reduce the level of risk in your supply chain.  

Using an AI platform, that helps to improve all the core processes required to run a modern supply chain, your organisation can combine and correlate the vast swathes of data and quickly see the impact of external events and be better prepared or less affected by them. 

Key Features

  • Enable growth through an extended digital ecosystem that unites employees, trading partners, systems and things. 
  • Promote rich and secure collaboration with the flexibility to work how, when and where people, systems and things work to align supply chain operations to customer needs. 
  • Get advantage of the machine learning-based technology that provides analytics to predict outcomes, optimise and automate business operations, and take informed action. 
  • Ensure only the right people, systems and things have access to the right data at the right time.

Our Services

  • Undertake use case workshops 
  • Implement Cognitive Control Towers to visualise key information for customers 
  • Install and Configure C:D to enable file transfers between Order Management Systems 

The implementation of an intelligent supply chain is becoming more and more important in the context of an increasingly globalised and competitive economy. We can help you by providing timely, accurate, and reliable information that will improve supply chain performance.

IBM Order Management System

IBM® Order Management is a software platform that enables you to execute and coordinate order orchestration processes across your extended supply chain network. You get order orchestration through a centralised inventory, order promising and fulfilment hub to support omnichannel order management.

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IBM Supply Chain Business Network

IBM Supply Chain Business Network is a cloud-based, digital business network that enables you to streamline collaboration across your Supply Chain by digitising and automating B2B transactions. Leverage AI to deliver deep search and visibility into B2B transaction lifecycles, so business users have the insights needed to make faster and more informed decisions.

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IBM B2B Integrator

B2B Integrator helps companies integrate all their complex B2B/EDI processes across their partner communities in a single gateway. It provides a highly flexible platform, available on premise or via hybrid cloud, that supports data transformation and most communication protocols; secures your B2B network and data; provides Docker container support; and achieves high-availability for operations with IBM Global Mailbox. B2B Integrator enables companies to reduce costs by consolidating on a single platform and automates B2B processes across enterprises while providing governance, adherence to standards and visibility for those processes.
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IBM Supply Chain Insights

Supply Chain Insights is a supply chain visibility solution that leverages AI to enable the insight you need to predict and mitigate disruptions. It leverages AI, trained in supply chain through machine learning, to provide comprehensive, end-to-end visibility and insights, and allows customers to use Watson to rapidly assemble the right team to collaborate and manage incidents and resolve disruptions quickly.
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IBM Supply Chain Business Assistant

The Embedded Business AI (“EBA”) framework utilised with IBM Supply Chain Business Assistant is an open, hybrid multi-cloud deployable, omni-channel, enterprise-class, digital AI framework used by developers to enable advanced domain-specific process automation (RPA) use cases for business users. Unlike other dialog management systems that use rule-based reasoning and predicate logic, with EBA you describe your business domain to the machine in a simple, consistent, complete and straightforward way. Dialog (whether human:machine or machine:machine interaction) are simply inputs to and outputs from the reasoning core.

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