Our years of experience have given us ability to deliver professional, cost-effective, and detail-oriented services. Our certified and skilled professionals are fully capable of being scaled on short notice to attend your organisation’s needs.  

Our executive team are all highly experienced in the Information Technology and Service Management industries.  Let us introduce them to you. 

Vivek Mittal

Vivek is responsible for the management of our highly skilled consultants in the area of Analytics and Integration technologies. His experience and thought leadership ensures the delivery of quality solutions to organisations across any industry.  

Vivek has over 20 years’ experience in the IT Industry, 15 years of which has been as a Consultant in various organisations; He has a particular interest and focus on how Architecture (particularly in Integration and Customer Analytics) helps organisations to overcome challenges and how technology can help businesses to resolve their problems and deliver real business benefits; while never forgetting to deliver ‘exceptional service to clients’. 

Five years ago Vivek co-founded Archisage, a niche consultancy firm,  with the objective of continuing to deliver exceptional service to our clients. His expertise, commitment and motivation to expand the company is matched by his drive to continue delivering great results to all of our customers. 

Stewart is primarily responsible for leading the Digital Experience and Service Management practices. He has worked across the systems development lifecycle ensuring the solution meets client’s business needs and delivers a positive ROI.  

Stewart has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. In his endeavors he has implemented full suite ServiceNow, allowing him to gain a deep understanding of the technology and its processes and operations, which gives him the ability to provide best practices to customers. 

As Archisage’s co-founder, Stewart has an accomplished track of record of building, leading and sustaining business transformation through the use of appropriate supporting technologies for companies of all sizes and industry verticals. 

Stewart Taylor