We understand the demands and responsibilities of marketing continue to increase, while the cost of acquiring customers is also rising. 

Marketing automation utilises a digital platform to create efficient, robust and measurable campaigns that will exceed your customer expectations. Besides helping you engage with your audience on a more personal level through customer journeys, delivering timely and relevant email, mobile push notifications, and SMS to current subscribers and prospects, our marketing solutions also provide performance insights and reports that give marketers the data they need to deliver the most effective marketing campaigns in order to grow customer loyalty and, ultimately, revenue.  

Key Features

  • Improve brand loyalty by treating your audience as individuals and send out digital campaigns to their specific behaviours, tastes, and expectations. 
  • Gain insight into the success of your sales and marketing efforts through reports to show how well your email campaigns are performing at-a-glance and how people responded to your survey questions. 
  • Capture individual visitor activity on your website and score based on their visits, page views, and more.

Our Services

  • Guide customers on the use of marketing automation tools (both offline and online). 
  • Integrate with analytics to identify best performing ad networks or campaigns. 
  • Provide thought leadership on best use of resources. 
  • Provide guidance on how the use of AI can help achieve your marketing goals. 

Stay focused on your business and use our expertise to implement your marketing transformation strategy. We can help with guidance, integration, leadership assistance and more.

HCL Unica Suite

Design and optimise your marketing campaigns and customer real time interactions to maximise your marketing industry goals. Unica is an enterprise grade marketing automation suite designed to perform inbound and outbound marketing automations across multiple offline & online channels – direct mail, email, call centre, web, mobile and many more.

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Acoustic Campaign

With Acoustic Campaign, marketers can automate exceptional client experiences – starting with email marketing, lead management, or mobile engagement and expand into analytical insights.

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Acoustic Personalization

Personalization helps marketers improve customer experiences with personalized content. This product makes personalizing experiences easier by learning through each customer interaction and delivering the right content to each website visitor in the context of their interactions with the brand.

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