B2B Collaboration provides a technology architecture that enable organisation of all sizes to work and collaborate easily with customers, suppliers and other partners in a secure and truthful manners while maintaining the compliance and governance required. Archisage can help your organisation to automate and simplify the process of exchanging key business documents with your trading partners and improve the quality of the data while enabling effective communication and collaboration with them in order to conduct end-to-end business processes.  

This solution, besides having the benefit of reducing the time and costs coupled with manual processing and the errors involved in business document processing, will also increase efficiency and productivity. 

Key Features

  • Integration of business documents and processes across your B2B network through a high availability, single, scalable, and secure gateway to provide friction-less connectivity with your partners and suppliers by leveraging cloud or on-premise. 
  • Manage file transfer using business rules that check data quality and alert you immediately if an exception occurs. 
  • Simplify the on-boarding and management of B2B community relationships by centralising on-boarding activities, offering self-service, and the proactive management of contact and certificate data to avoid process disruptions.

Our Services

  • System builds 
  • Upgrades and enhancements 
  • Health checks 
  • Reusable framework development 
  • Architecture and Solution Design 
  • Custom Plugins and User Exits 
  • Expertise in the use of B2B AC 
  • Super stream compliant solutions 
  • E-Invoicing 

It is very important for your companies to stay in close touch to their biggest customers at all levels. We can help you and provide a strong business-to-business (B2B) collaboration solution according to your business requirements.

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

B2B Integrator helps companies integrate all their complex B2B/EDI processes across their partner communities in a single gateway. It provides a highly flexible platform, available on premise or via hybrid cloud, that supports data transformation and most communication protocols; secures your B2B network and data; provides Docker container support; and achieves high-availability for operations with IBM Global Mailbox. B2B Integrator enables companies to reduce costs by consolidating on a single platform and automates B2B processes across enterprises while providing governance, adherence to standards and visibility for those processes.
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IBM Sterling B2B Advanced Communication

B2B Advanced Communications provides secure, optimized, and dynamic end-to-end information flows supporting the viewing of a single exchange, configuring and managing of trading partners, and support for both AS2 and AS4 protocols.

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IBM Sterling Secure Proxy

IBM Secure Proxy helps secure and shield your trusted network by preventing direct connectivity between external partners and internal servers. It can secure your network and data exchanges at the network edge to enable trusted business-to-business transactions and managed file transfer (MFT) file exchanges. As a demilitarized zone (DMZ)-based proxy, Secure Proxy uses multi-factor authentication, SSL session breaks, closing of inbound firewall holes, protocol inspection and other controls to ensure the security of your trusted zone.
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