Our solutions can allow your organisation to provide comprehensive end-to-end customer service support by managing incidents, problems and questions from your users and also integrate the activities you need to ensure your services are delivered in the most effective way.  

We can help you automate and streamline your operations with configurable, data driven workflows so your workforce can work faster with better results and better connect you with partners and vendors on a single platform to provide the insight needed to focus on the bottom line and continue to grow your business. 

Key Features

  • Connect with your customers and create a consistent customer experience. 
  • Reduced cost. 
  • Stay on top of inventory. 
  • Single point of contact and centralised management of vendors, suppliers and support teams. 
  • Access to multiple support channels (phone, fax, email, web-chat and user self-help). 
  • Manage your entire service network and workforce. 

Our Services

We provide expertise to configure and customise service management tools that will help your organisation improve overall customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Service Portal

  • Manage your entire service network and workforce. 
  • Migration from ServiceNow CMS. 
  • Implementation of Service Catalog in Service Portal. 
  • Mobile Device supported implementations. 
  • Implement Accessibility Standards. 

Service Management

  • Flexible models to support ad hoc service management. 
  • Hourly and daily resources for enhancements or troubleshooting. 

Application Development

  • Build custom applications on the Now platform. 
  • Build apps on Service Portal. 
  • Expert skills in React, Angular, JavaScript and HTML5. 
  • Service Management. 
  • Case Management. 

Orchestration and Integration

  • Process Automation Applications. 
  • IoT Integration. 
  • Enterprise Integration. 
  • Installation and Configuration of MID Server. 
  • Advanced Orchestration with Active Directory/Powershell. 
  • Web Services Integration. 


ServiceNow is a SaaS provider that delivers services to increase productivity and achieve new insights through its ITSM and ITBM applications and form-based workflow application development. It has cemented its place as a leading cloud-based IT service management solution through its automation of enterprise IT operations and flexible configuration options, and can vastly benefit any enterprise IT system through its help desk technologies, service automation, custom applications, and offerings for all areas of a business.

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