Archisage are early adopters of IBM Watson Content Hub and have some unique insights into the development and enhancements being made to the product through our strong relationship with the WCH development team in IBM and on-going customer implementations.

We can help you build headless sites with the ‘Essentials’ offering or full headed sites with the ‘Standard’ offering.

Our WCH services include:

  • End to end delivery of web sites and applications
  • Create cognitive powered content and assets hosted in the cloud and delivered via a powerful, global CDN.
  • Design, build and optimise Watson Content hub sites using React or Angular to deliver personalised, multi-channel web experiences across any device.
  • Architect, deploy and configure Watson Content Hub.
  • Migration of WebSphere Portal/WCM to Watson Content Hub.
  • Integrate Watson Content Hub into your existing applications

IBM Customer Experience Analytics (Tealeaf)

  • Gain insight and understanding of customer journeys through your website
  • Increase customer retention through advanced behaviour analytics
  • Identify customer struggle across your site in multiple channels and drill down to replay individual sessions.
  • Target optimal messaging on the right channel in response to struggle events
  • Use the data generated to enhance the customer’s future interactions with your site

Archisage are the leading supplier of certified IBM Tealeaf resources in Australia.  Our team members have performed the majority of all recent IBM Tealeaf CX on-boarding activities.

Our CXA services include:

  • On-boarding to CXA SaaS
  • On-premise end-to-end solution delivery
  • Expert knowledge to provide critical insights to enable web application optimisation.
  • Development of reports, events and attribute metrics
  • A standard training offering to quickly enable your teams


Archisage are the leading IBM Business Partner in Australia for the following Order Management lines

  • IBM Supply Chain Insights
  • IBM Connect:Direct (C:D)
  • IBM Order Management System
  • IBM Supply Chain Business Network

The services we offer in our Order Management practice include:

  • Undertake use case workshops
  • Implement required AI patterns through natural language using the Watson AI engine
  • Integrate with source systems to feed and augment system learnings
  • Develop KPI Dashboards to visualize key information for customers
  • Install and Configure C:D to enable file transfers between Order Systems


Our integration team has some of the most in-depth knowledge of the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator globally, and have worked on many of the AS4/ebMS implementations around the world.

Our services

  • AS4 and Superstream compliance on multiple platforms.
  • Architect, deploy and configure IBM Sterling on various platforms
  • IBM Sterling B2Bi & B2BAC health check & solutions.
  • Architecture and solution design.
  • System builds.
  • Custom plug-ins and user exits


Archisage consultants have considerable experience on the ServiceNow platform and can help you implement your solution right the first time.  We have certified CSA and CAD consultants to the Madrid release.

Our ServiceNow offerings include:

  • ServicePortal and CMS design, implementation and customisation.
  • Migration from CMS to Service Portal.
  • Orchestration and Integration.
  • Custom application development using the Now platform.
  • REST API implementation
  • Single sign on and LDAP directory integration
  • MID server installation, configuration and troubleshooting


Through our training provider and in-house developed training courses, we offer training in the following areas:

  • IBM Sterling Integrator.
  • IBM DataPower.
  • IBM BPM.
  • IBM CXA (Tealeaf)

Book your complimentary half day consultation to:

  • demonstrate Watson Content Hub
  • review your current web content management tools, and
  • discuss approaches on how you can move to Watson Content Hub

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