Introducing IBM Partner Engagement Manager

If you have integrated B2B systems with your trading partners, the importance of getting and receiving correct configuration data is paramount. If you aren’t getting – and receiving – the right messaging from your partners then you are, at best, slowing your business down, and, at worst, leaving your organisation vulnerable to losses and operational failures.

On a day to day basis, you and your teams put a significant amount of effort into ensuring that the right connections are made with your suppliers, distributors, customers, and logistical supporters in the first place. This may involve numerous emails, spreadsheets, follow-up phone calls, and other rigorous coordination efforts, each of which takes significant time.

What if there was a better, more efficient and more reliable mechanism?

Empower Your Partnerships

IBM Partner Engagement Manager will completely change the way your organisation views the massive task of partnership management. No more hours on the phone. No more intensive documentation efforts. No more back and forth emails. No more wasted time and human errors.

Your organisation no longer will have to spend a significant amount of time maintaining your trading partner configuration within your organisation. With Partner Engagement Manager, your partners can maintain the data themselves through a self-service channel. All communications, from file sharing to status updates and alerts, are seamlessly integrated and fully visible.

This means you know what is going on with your partners, in real-time, giving your organisation more flexibility to initiate workflows and more confidence in your partner engagement.

Instead of missing out on an understanding of internalised business processes, with this solution progress is externalised and completely visible. Your business can create task flows with designated partners or groups, quickly and intuitively, making it easy to set up activities, monitor, and manage progress, all through one central platform.

The Flexibility to Grow with Your Organisation

The beauty of IBM Partner Engagement Manager in action is the flexible architecture of the solution, which is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model or as a hybrid cloud model.

  • Your trading partners are able to self-manage their configuration and attributes.
  • You can integrate your organisation’s host systems with PEM.
  • The solution integrates with Sterling File Gateway out of the box, enabling the creation of mailboxes, routine rules, and more.
  • Testing of any configuration changes are automatically allowed as part of the creation and modification process.
  • With RESTful interfaces, it is possible to automatically apply and test configuration changes to systems other than Sterling File Gateway.
  • With an API configuration option, your solution can be connected to just about anything and can evolve with your organisation.

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