Make your data work for you by using it to inspire insights, inform decisions, and facilitate action. We can help your organisation’s decision-making become data-driven to reduce operating costs, increase revenue, and reduce risks. 

Our analytical solution ensures your engagement, analytics, and end-to-end infrastructure work flawlessly together to facilitate a rock-solid experience every time. Using a combination of algorithms to extract knowledge from structured and unstructured data, machine learning, and forecasting, we can create a unique approach that is tailored to your organisation in order to provide you with the insights needed to make fact-based decisions.  

We can track performance, analyse reports, and create custom reports for critical scenarios using tools to allow access to all customer data without confusion. These processes help you to improve management and operations, reduce risks, and take strategic forward-looking actions.

Key Features

  • Ongoing & ad-hoc analysis to provide information on the activities that bring in the highest return on your investments and the biggest impacts to your business.  
  • Data Visualisation & Report Automation that deliver custom real-time dashboards that combine power and flexibility to bring you better, more insight-driven business information.  
  •  Predictive Modelling – pinpoint historical events to attribute success or failure to defined events or marketing efforts.  
  • Accurate forecasting solutions that let you tap into past data trends to increase the efficiency of your approach in the future. 

Our Services

Our deep industry experience and knowledge analytical tools can help your organisation to develop a data strategy to make the most of information and take your organisation to the next level. 

Supply Chain Intelligence

  • Implement assistive AI patterns through natural language using the Watson AI engine 
  • Integrate with existing source systems to feed and augment system learning
  • Develop KPI Dashboards to visualise key information

Customer Analytics

  • On-boarding to CXA SaaS  
  • On-premise end-to-end solution delivery 
  • Expert knowledge to provide critical insights to enable web application optimisation 
  • Development of reports, events, and attribute metrics
  • Standard training offerings

IBM Supply Chain Insights

A smarter supply chain with AI-enabled solutions will drive new value across your business and supply chain today — with resiliency and adaptability you can count on for years to come.

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IBM Supply Chain Business Assistant

The Embedded Business AI (“EBA”) framework is an open, hybrid multi-cloud deployable, omni-channel, enterprise-class, digital AI framework used by developers to enable advanced domain-specific process automation (RPA) use cases for business users.

Unlike other dialog management systems that use rule-based reasoning and predicate logic, with EBA you describe your business domain to the machine in a simple, consistent, complete and straightforward way. Dialog (whether human:machine or machine:machine interaction) are simply inputs to and outputs from the reasoning core.

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Acoustic Customer Experience Analytics

Acoustic Analytics lets you visualise the journeys that your customers take as they interact with your brand across devices, channels, and touch points. Acoustic Analytics provides insights at every level, from company-wide aggregates all the way down to a single user’s experience.
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