Train with a variety of products to optimise your understanding of customer experience and analytics.

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience 9.0.2 Fundamentals  9F32G      

1 day Training – Level Basic     

Get a good understanding of IBM Tealeaf’s core use cases, functionalities, and its potential for their business. This course enables users to identify their immediate and long term goals for IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Management usage and assign the appropriate resources to the adoption effort. 

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience 9.0.2 Events and Reports – 9F33G 

2 days Training – Level Intermediate      

Get the knowledge necessary to build and analyze reports in Tealeaf, as well as the skill required to build the Events that underlie all Tealeaf analysis.    

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience 9.0.2 Administration and Maintenance – 9F34G 

1 day Training – Level Intermediate           

Get system administrator knowledge and become familiar the several major components that house multiple Tealeaf’s databases and services while learning how to perform system installation and maintenance tasks and also troubleshoot issues with the system. 

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience 9.0.2 Advanced Reports and Dashboards – 9F35G 

1 day Training – Level Intermediate  

Learn how to proactively manage your online channel and understand why customers complete or abandon online processes. This course enables users to create and maintain Business Process Scorecards, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Scorecards, Top Movers charts, and Dashboards. 

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud Fast Start – 9F51G 

4 days Training – Level Intermediate 

Learn about best practices in analyzing issues in web and mobile application impacting the performance of the business. The course will provide the knowledge necessary to plan and execute the project as well as will explain how to quantify business impact of issues and deliver business value out of the analysis.     

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud Overstat – 9F52G 

1 day Training – Level Basic 

Learn about the overlays available in Tealeaf Overstat, how to use the in order to analyze user behavior and how to capture page states and organize stacks for Overstat analysis. 

IBM Tealeaf CX Mobile 9.0.1 Analyze Customer Mobile Experience – 9F24G 

1 day Training – Level Intermediate 

Learn how to find and replay mobile sessions, use pre-built and custom reports to analyze mobile user interactions, explain how Tealeaf captures the mobile user experience and build step-based Events to drive custom reports and searches 

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